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Trip to INSPIRE ZAMBIA Conference & more

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Summary of the Zambia Trip: April 6th-17th

I got to Zambia on April 7th with Rosine from B2R. We stayed the night at Mark’s farm, where Brian and Cath live. On Monday, April 8th, we headed to Mkushi for the "INSPIRE ZAMBIA" conference by Foundations for Farming, where I was set to speak the next day.

Mobali with Brian and Cath (Founder of Foundations for Farming)

The INSPIRE ZAMBIA conference had the theme “Values-Driven Ministries”, we spoke about three values of Foundations for Farming: Humility, Faithfulness, and Unselfishness. On the 9th, I had the privilege to be the guest speaker, so I shared my testimony and spoke about HUMILITY (know God, Learn from God, and serve others what you have learned with an unselfish heart), from Philippians 2:5-11, and about discovery and following your purpose. It was an incredible experience, not just for the audience, but especially for me. I never imagined I'd come this far or stand before an international crowd to share my story. After my talk, we had some quiet time for reflection.

Mobali speaking at the FfF conference, sharing his testimony and speaking on humility.

The following days were wonderful, connecting with people, listening to different testimonies, and learning about FAITHFULNESS and UNSELFISHNESS. On the 9th of April, I went to spend time with Dietmar in Ndola, whom I met at the conference and who happened to be a friend of my friend Heinz. Dietmar is the director at the DAWN TRUST. At Dawn Trust, I learned a lot about trees (crafting, cutting, and budding ) and fruit trees.

Mobali at the Dawn Trust tree farm, learning about tree farming, and other new farming methods.

On the 15th, I went to visit Brian and Cath at their farm. This was a great moment as I spent the night chatting with Brian, sharing testimonies, visions, and wisdom. It was my first time hearing Brian talk about how Foundations for Farming began, the challenges they've faced, and their vision.

Mobali and Brian having a great chat together.

Note: Brian’s heart was on Isaiah 58: heart for the poor, hope for nations, hope the continent, and hope for the world. THERE IS MASSIVE POWER IN SERVING AND UNSELFISHNESS. Africa must be Faithful, for her to prosper.

On the 16th, I went to Lusaka at Conrad’s place and visited his farm, where I learned about Pork farming and how he is impacting and changing lives through Foundations for Farming, Crown financial teaching, and pork farming.

It has been a great trip and I am really grateful for all the opportunities I had to meet with so many great people and learn a lot of new things, which I will hopefully be able to implement soon.

Thank you for reading & keep us in your prayers.


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