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Crown Stewardship Institute in Democratic Republic of Congo exists to empower the socio-economically marginalized Congolese communities. It is a Christian based organisation aiming to:

  • Mobilize evangelistic efforts with the holistic transformative message of the Gospel.

  • Target individuals, households and communities with the Gospel, and knowledge and tools to help them identify and overcome the cause of their need.

The vision goal for Crown Stewardship Institute in DRC, therefore, is the holistic transformation of the community through training in godly stewardship of natural, human, and financial resources in order to impact livelihood and infrastructure of the target populations.

Image by Wes Hicks


As the Crown Stewardship Institute in the Democratic Republic of Congo (CSI DRC), our mission is to establish self-sustaining training centers throughout the country, guided by the following vision:


  1. Christ: Our foundation is built upon CHRIST, fostering faith in Him and guiding individuals towards CHRIST.

  2. Church: We actively participate in the local church community.

  3. Conference (Classes): We aim to equip trainers who can, in turn, train others.

  4. Crops: We cultivate crops to enhance food security and improve livelihoods.

  5. Cash: We work to establish systems that generate income.

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